The 5th USM-International Conference on Social Sciences 2023 (USM-ICOSS 2023)

DATE : 23 & 24 AUGUST 2023



"Touching Lives, Bridging Societies"

“Embracing Changes Towards Sustainable Communities"


The discipline of social sciences has contributed and continues to contribute significantly to betterment of humanity by critically examining and analysing human existence and what shapes their interaction and practices. In recent decades, the term sustainability has not only emerged as a theoretical buzzword, but it has also seen its implementation at global, regional and national level. Change is inevitable. Sustainability requires that we learn to embrace changes to thrive so that no one will be left behind. The course of the pandemic and life changing technology provide us with the new norm and many challenges. It highlighted the vulnerabilities in the economy and society and widening the inequalities in the communities regardless their social-economic backgrounds. 

Creating a sustainable community though remains a vague concept for a lot of people. This conference is aimed at addressing this important issue. Sustainability is a multidimensional concept, particularly with growing concerns related to climate change and its societal implications. Despite the fears surrounding climate change ramifications, are we ready to embark on sustainability? 

This conference turns on the spotlight on this critical issue, specifically focusing on ways to create sustainable communities. A sustainable community considers and addresses the diverse needs of everyone in the community who can enjoy a high quality of life. Every individual and group has an equal access, opportunity to sources, decision-making power, good governance and where prosperity is shared. There are three concepts of a sustainable community which cover social needs, protecting the environment and promoting economic success. A very important feature of a sustainable community is also the way it manages its human, natural, and financial capital to ensure current needs are met while sufficient resources are made available for future generations. 

The papers that will be presented in the conference will focus on how changes in the digital space, health and well-being, and promoting diversity and inclusion can drive this trajectory. Every individual can adapt to a sustainable lifestyle and small daily choices have a big impact to snowball into a society-level impact. It is the ordinary person who acts as a consumer is the key driver of sustainability. Changes can be achieved in smart ways and what those changes are will be dealt with by eminent speakers at the conference, particularly in the areas of digital, health and diversity. The conference will also address global uncertainties in the areas of cybersecurity, education, migration, and tourism, as main obstacles to achieving sustainability-related changes. The ultimate aim of the conference is to serve as a platform for dissemination of academic ideas and research ideas in the field of social science, but which can be readily practiced by communities at large. Additionally, this gathering of minds promotes scholarly debate and engagement and finally to generate new scientific ideas of inquiry to address current social challenges, especially in the post COVID-19 pandemic period.




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